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Our training course is intended to give you a good grounding in beekeeping, building your confidence and knowledge by working with an experienced beekeeper. We will introduce you to bees and bee handling during your first season. The theory part of the course provides you with the necessary knowledge to manage your own bees during your second season.

The course will have three elements, we expect that beginners will participate in all of these.

1. Taster day (provisional date Saturday 1st June 2024, price £35)
If you are interested in learning more about beekeeping, our taster sessions consist of a half day introduction to beekeeping. After a talk by an experienced beekeeper, we will provide you with the opportunity to see the inside of a working hive and introduce you to some of the equipment associated with beekeeping. [please note: if the weather on the 1st is unsuitable we will reschedule for Sun 9th June].

If you’re interested in taking part in the taster session, please let us know using the form below

This may be sufficient to satisfy your curiosity but if you wish to learn more we will provide you with the opportunity to visit local apiaries and enrol in the winter theory course.

2. Apiary visits with experienced beekeepers June – September 2024
Get ‘hands on’ experience of inspecting bees with an experienced beekeeper and an understanding of the commitment required to be a beekeeper.
– you will need to invest in a bee suit
– you should be prepared to commit to six inspections during the summer season.
– we will provide you with a text book so you can begin to review what you are seeing during these apiary visits.

3. Winter Theory Course: Become a beekeeper (dates and price for 2024 tbc)
The theory part of our course will run on autumn and winter evenings and there will be one session per month. This will allow you to consolidate the practical experience you have had during the summer season and begin to prepare yourself for keeping your own bees the following year.
The theory course will cover:
– The hive
– The colony
– Queens
– Swarms
– Forage & hive products
– Pests & diseases
– The beekeeping year

(Please note, the cost of the Taster session will be deducted from the cost of the full course for those that wish to continue beekeeping having attended the taster session.)

For more information on our beginners’ training please contact the Training Co-ordinator via the contacts page.

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Please let us know roughly where you are based so we can match you to a more experienced beekeeper in your area

Learn more about bees and beekeeping

BBKA Practical Assessments

For those wishing to increase their understanding of bees and to improve their way of working with them, the BBKA offer practical assessment opportunities in the following:

Basic Certificate, Husbandry, Health, Breeding, Microscopy and Judging

WBKA will support and assist those preparing for these assessments.

BBKA Module Exams (in March & November)

For those wishing to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of various aspects of beekeeping through written examinations, the BBKA offer Modules in:

Management; Forage & Products; Pests & Diseases; Biology; Behaviour;
Selection & Breeding; Management, Health & History

YBKA already has a system of study days focussed on these examinations. WBKA will also support and assist those preparing for them.