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Photograph of bee hives

We run a beginners course each year. This is a useful course for a range of people from complete beginners to those who already keep bees, but wish to further their knowledge. It usually involves classroom sessions near Ilkley on weekends in March & April, followed later by practical sessions. However due to Covid-19 restrictions the 2021 course will almost certainly be an initial online theory course with the hope of doing some practical sessions in the spring.

Before the course starts we suggest that you buy one of the books we recommend for beginners. Important advice will also be given on what equipment you will need… as well as what not to buy.

The course is broken down into the following sessions:


The Hive

The Colony



Forage and Hive Products

Pests and Diseases

The Beekeeping Year

Claro Bees

Each participant will be offered a mentor and we will help them to get bees and the equipment they need to keep them. There is also a WhatsApp group for beginners for support and advice.

Numbers are limited, so if you would like to attend our next course, please contact Laurie Prowse, our training co-ordinator via the contacts page.

We plan to set up informative learning sessions and further training for beekeepers in various ways.

Learn more about bees and beekeeping

WBKA Learning Sessions

Depending on demand, the WBKA will arrange learning sessions on such topics as:

Hive & frame building, Honey extraction & bottling, Working with beeswax,
Skep making, Creams and polishes, Meads and melomels, etc.

Some sessions may be run online but others will have to wait until face-to-face meetings are again possible.

BBKA Practical Assessments

For those wishing to increase their understanding of bees and to improve their way of working with them, the BBKA offer practical assessment opportunities in the following:

Basic Certificate, Husbandry, Health, Breeding, Microscopy and Judging

WBKA will support and assist those preparing for these assessments.

BBKA Module Exams (in March & November)

For those wishing to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of various aspects of beekeeping through written examinations, the BBKA offer Modules in:

Management; Forage & Products; Pests & Diseases; Biology; Behaviour;
Selection & Breeding; Management, Health & History

YBKA already has a system of study days focussed on these examinations. WBKA will also support and assist those preparing for them.