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It is to be noted that inclusion in these lists does not mean that WBKA endorse any product or service.

National Groups and Resources

Beebase - Information resource for the beekeeping industry

Beefarmers Association - The Beefarmers Association of the UK

BIBBA - Bee Improvement and Bee Breeding Association

British Beekeepers Association - The national association

EU Commission's Rural Development Page

Honey Association - website packed with fascinating facts about honey

Local and Regional Associations

Airedale Beekeepers Association

Bradford Beekeepers Association

Harrogate & Ripon Beekeepers Association - including details of Claro Bees Apiary Supplies

Leeds Beekeepers Association - For news and views from another local association

Yorkshire Beekeepers Association - The county association

Education and Course Materials

For those taking BBKA examinations, this site from Mid-Bucks BKA is extremely useful

BeesnWasps - information on various species and lifecycles

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids suggested by Anna from Ms. Ward's Classroom

Asian Hornet

Non-native Species Alert - What to do if you think you've seen an Asian Hornet

BBKA pages - BBKA information on the Asian Hornet

Top Bar Hives and other alternative beekeeping systems

Warré Beekeeping - beekeeping using the hive developed by Abbé Émile Warré (1867-1951).

Introduction to Warré Beekeeping - a quick overview of Warré beekeeping.

The Barefoot Beekeeper - practical, balanced, treatment-free beekeeping in horizontal top bar hives.

For the Love of Bees - natural top bar beekeeping since the 1970's

Rose Hives - instead of having two different size boxes (brood-boxes and supers), Rose Hives just have one size box which can be used for either brood or honey.

Sun Hives - based on the principles of bee-centred apiculture, the Sun Hive is an ideal conservation hive for our pollinating friends the honeybee.

Natural Bee Husbandry - A new quarterly journal for a new a era of bee centred beekeeping published by Northern Bee Books.

Treatment-free Beekeeping

Treatment-free Beekeeping Facebook Group - Connect with, and learn from over 12000 treatment-free beekeepers from around the world.

UK Treatment Free Beekeepers - The website of the UK Treatment Free Beekeepers group


Arden Books - suppliers of new, out of print and scarce books on natural history, gardening and botany.

Beeprepared Stainless Steel Frame Rests

Beeproof Suits

Caddon Hives - based in the Scottish Borders

Claro Bees

Honey Frame Packaging - a novel packaging system for honey sales

Peak Hives - a small business in Derbyshire producing quality National Hives in cedar and red deal

Solway Bee Supplies - manufacturer of high quality cedar hives and ancillary equiptment

Thorne's Beekeeping Supplies

Other Sites

Parcevall Hall

BBKA/Saga Adopt a Beehive Scheme

BeeCraft Magazine (Digital Version)

Bees in Art - an art gallery inspired by bees

Bee Breeding Methods & Techniques

Bee Images

Bee Videos

BWARS - National society dedicated to studying bees

Can Stock Photo - to explore, purchase and sell Beekeeping images

Copenhagen Honey Bees

Video clip of 'Honeybee Democracy' by Thomas Seeley

Kilnsey Park - A unique Yorkshire Dales experience

Skipton Gardeners Club