Please note: due to Coronavirus restrictions, there will be no equipment loans for the foreseeable future.

WBKA members may borrow Association equipment free of charge. The list of equipment for loan is shown below.
To borrow any of the equipment that WBKA has available please drop Sophie Pringle an email using the contact form with the following information: Which item(s) you wish to borrow, when and for how long and your full contact details.

If your need is urgent you can call Sophie on Ilkley 609402.
Sophie will check that the kit is available and let you know where to collect it from and where to pick up the key, if needed. She will let the key holder know to expect a visit.

Once you have finished with the kit and have returned it please let Sophie know so she can mark it as available for hire again.

General Equipment

Thornes Yellow BEE sign1
Display board1
YBKA laminated poster1
Gazebo with sides and ground bar13m x 4.5m
Gazebo with sides, canopy and anchor13m x 3m
Gazebo with weighted feet4
Folding table279.5 x 9cm x 95.5cm
Folding table163cm x 9.5cm x 63cm
Retro chairs5padded seats
Retro chairs4plastic
Public address system and stand1Speaker, microphone kit and stand.
Tangential extractor (NEW manual, table top), LEGA13 legs
Tangential extractor (NEW manual, table top)13 legs
Radial extractor (& electric motor )
white & red legs
19 frame
Old tangental extractor1
New honey press1
Old honey press1MG heather press
Microscope (low magnification)1Dissecting
Green Box of Exhibition Items1
Virtual hive1
Observation Nuc1
1/4 Scale National Hive1
Jackets & veils for beginnersSeveral
Beginners’ course in a case1
Solar wax extractor1At Ilkley apiary
Observer Smocks16Assorted sizes

Queen Rearing

Apidea Box6
Kieler Box6
Queen Cell Frame116 cells
Cupkit Queen Rearing System1
Jenter Queen Rearing System1
Prelarvovaci Lupa1
Queen Cages6
Queen Cell Cages12
Queen Catcher Tube Type2
Queen Catcher Clip Type2
Queen Cage Plastic Guard6
Queen Cage Plastic Puzzle6
Grafting ToolsSelection

WBKA Nucleus Boxes

Nucleus No 11Wood
Nucleus No 21Wood
Nucleus No 31Wood
Nucleus No 41Wood
Nucleus No 51Wood
Nucleus No 61Wood
Nucleus No 71Wood
Nucleus No 81Wood
Nucleus No 91Wood
Nucleus No 101Wood
Poly Nuc1Polystyrene