The library is now being held by Bob Hodgson, if you would like to borrow a book, please contact the Secretary via the contact page.

The Healthy Hive (2009) by BBKA74
BBKA Study Notes (1999) by BBKA95
Liquid Gold [DVD] (2015) by BBKAD01
Swarms [DVD] (2018) by BBKA D02
Apiary Guides by Bee Craft97
A World Without Bees (2008) by Alison Benjamin & Colin McCallum72
Bees in the City: The Urban Beekeepers’ Handbook (2011) by Alison Benjamin & Colin McCallum91
Hive Management (1991) by Richard E. Bonney79
Practical Beekeeping (1999) by Clive de Bruyn94
Bees at the Bottom of the Garden (1990) by Alan Campion23a
Beekeepers Bible () by Collins98
Queen Rearing Simplified (1986) by Vince Cook67
Honey Bees of the British Isles (1986) by Beowulf Cooper35
Archaeology of Beekeeping (1983) by Eva Crane3
Bees & Beekeeping. Science Practice& World Resources (1980) by Eva Crane7
Breeding Better Bees (1991) by Dews & Milner25
Field Notes on Queen Rearing (2008) by Oliver Field99
Bee Boles & Bee Houses (1988) by A.M.Foster9
Honey Bee Biology (1982) by John B. Free34
Starting with Bees (2007) by Peter Gordon77
The Bee-Friendly Beekeeper (2010) by David Heaf88
Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee, The (1984) by Dorothy Hodges71
Guide to Bees & Honey (1979) by T.Hooper30
Beekeeping A Complete Owners Manual (1989) by Werner Melzer17
Buckets of Honey from Boxes of Bees (2007) by Ken Pickles93
Beekeeping Self-Sufficiency (2009) by Joanna Ryde78
Honeybee Democracy (2010) by Thomas D Seeley86
Comb Management() by Wally Shaw96
Bad Beekeepers Club (2010) by Bill Turnbull81
Beekeeping: A Novices Guide (2010) by David Wooton82

Some older books, published before 1980

Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey (1974) by Brother Adam18
Beekeeping in the Swarming Season (1980) by George Davis20
Bees Their Vision, Chemical Sense & Language (1984) by Karl Von Frisch12
The Anatomy, Physiology & Natural History of Honey Bee (1943) by Herrod-Hempsall2
Plants & Beekeeping (hardback) (1979) by F.N.Howes51a
Some Important Operations in Bee Management (1978) by M.P.Johanson59
Beekeeping in Britain (1958) by R.Manley19
Complete Guide to Beekeeping (1976) by R.A.Morse27
Swarming: Its Control & Prevention (1945) by L.E. Snelgrove61
Queen Rearing (1946) by L.E. Snelgrove54
Introduction of Queen Bees (1943) by L.E. Snelgrove40
Anatomy & Physiology of the Honey Bee (1925) by R.E. Snodgrass1
A Manual of Beekeeping (1975) by E.B.Wedmore45a
A Manual of Beekeeping (1975) by E.B.Wedmore45b