Plain Speaking about the Asian Hornet

In the April 2023 BBKA News Andrew Durham from Cambridgeshire BKA reviews the current situation regarding Asian hornets in France and concludes that…

“When and wherever the Asian hornet gets a foothold over here, it will happen quicker than you think, and it is going to be worse than you think. That much is already clear from what has happened across the Channel over the last eighteen years”

He has prepared some briefing notes, which include information about methods for reducing the impact of the hornets on bee colonies, you can access these by using the links below.

Asian Hornet The Beekeepers’ Guide – Integrated Control in the Apiary  

Asian Hornet Beekeepers Guide – The Hornet & The Honey Bee

Asian Hornet Beekeepers Guide – Integrated Control in the Area Around the Apiary