A swarm of bees

During the late spring and early summer, bee colonies can divide with one part of the original colony remaining in the hive and the other flying off to set-up a new nest. After leaving the hive a swarm of bees will cluster temporarily nearby before moving-on, and for the non-beekeeper this can be an alarming and worrying sight, however there’s no need to be concerned.

WBKA provides a swarm collection service to the people of Wharfedale on a voluntary basis.
We do not charge for this service but will accept donations to the Association if offered. If you live outside Wharfedale your local association may be able to help you.

We are often called out to remove insects which are not bees.

Please check the information and video on the BBKA web site which will help you to confirm whether you have a swarm.

We do not remove or relocate bumblebees, wasps or hornets. If honey bees are inside buildings and are causing a problem then you may need to employ a pest control service to destroy the bees, remove the nest and block access to the cavity to prevent bees re-establishing a nest.

If, after checking, you believe you have a swarm, immediately contact your local Association Swarm Collector (below) who should be able to remove the swarm and find it a new home.

Bees in your Bird Box?:      This is quite common in the spring and summer. It’s probably bumblebees, not honey bees. For more information see the BBCT web site.

PLEASE NOTE: Swarms are usually very placid, however, unless you are an experienced beekeeper you should keep your distance and under no circumstances disturb or interfere with the bees.

For WBKA members, anyone wanting a swarm should give their details to the Chris Duxbury. Anyone with a swarm looking for a home should also contact him and he will try to match offer with requirement.

Association Swarm Collectors 2023

We will try to respond quickly when contacted but we cannot guarantee to be able to remove a swarm, particularly if access is difficult or dangerous.

Please see the names of swarm collectors who may be able to help you if you have honeybees. If you are unable to contact any of the beekeepers in your area or you are unsure which swarm collector you should contact, please contact Chris Duxbury on 07948 352376.

Christopher Duxbury07948 352376
Robert J Hodgson01943 839857 or 07732 661739
Askwith and Denton
Christopher Duxbury07948 352376
David Powell07766 763798
Broughton, Thornton-in-Craven, Earby
Matt Ramsden07719 200933
Mark Cade07814 530628
Christopher Duxbury07948 352376
Toni Killingray07790 409311
Monty Pugh01756 799093
Laurie Prowse07876 160821
John Watson07505 664751
Christopher Duxbury07948 352376
Robert J Hodgson01943 839857 or 07732 661739
Sophie Pringle van Berckel 07880 806013
Becky Hill07958 373923
Sarah Spillet07717 696753
Christopher Duxbury07948 352376
Middleton and Beamsley
Christopher Duxbury07948 352376
David Powell07766 763798
Robert J Hodgson01943 839857 or 07732 661739
Christopher Duxbury07948 352376
Jenny Liston07743 330264
Monty Pugh01756 799093
Laurie Prowse 07876 160821